It is hard to discuss the nature of beauty, and even harder to discuss the beauty of nature.

Often times we are drowned by the stresses of our professions that we forget that there is an outside world. It is not only the sights that are amazing. True beauty stimulates every sense. We are attracted to foreign atmospheres because they are new.

We live in world of routine.  It is hard to find new. 

I know the power of images and the emotions they can evoke, still and motion. With that being said, I have seen images of the southwest, but nothing can compare to the lavish beauty that exists there.

Kalyn and I have drove it before, but never had the time to tour the native lands and the other side of the scenic southwest. Although it was a quick trip, we came back with memories that will never be forgotten. 

New experiences.

New emotions. 

We got to witness the remnants of the culture of the first inhabitants and the desolate landscape they have nurtured. It's kind of funny to ponder the length of their tenure versus ours, yet they have done exponentially less to destroy this beautiful land.

We got to see the colors and the depth of the Grand Canyon, unparalleled to anything my Eastern eyes have seen.  We were lucky enough to hear and see the Bull calls of an Elk gathering on the South Rim.

We saw the absence of obstruction in Monument Valley. 

We heard the sound of nothing in Canyon De Chelly.

We were sad to return home to the stresses of our busy American lives so shortly.

But we have the memories, and for that I am very grateful.