Met up with a good friend of mine last night who just happened to be stopping through Nashville, after criss-crossing his way across North America . He informed me of an awesome project he is working on that I encourage everyone to become familiar with.  It is called Live Below the Line.

Live Below the Line is an annual anti-poverty campaign, which challenges participants to feed themselves on the equivalent of the extreme poverty line for five days. The goal of Live Below the Line is to raise widespread awareness by enabling participants to gain a small insight into the hardships faced by those that live in extreme poverty. Live Below the Line also raises money for poverty reduction projects across the globe.

Why $1.50?

The challenge is set at $1.50 a day, because this is the current equivalent of the accepted global figure used to define extreme poverty. This was set by the World bank as US$1.25 per day in 2005. Basically, if you live on less than that every day, you’re recognized internationally as living in extreme poverty.

"It's not that bad," you might say - "$1.50 goes a lot further in developing countries". Unfortunately not. The $1.50 figure represents the amount someone living in extreme poverty in the U.S. would have to live on. And for people who live in extreme poverty that $1.50 has to cover far more than food and drink - we're talking everything - health, housing, transport, food, education... It's impossible to imagine, but that’s the reality for an incredible number of people.

Gandhi said that "Poverty is the worst form of violence" - and we agree. We all feel and see the injustice of extreme poverty, whether it be directly in our neighborhoods or in countries far away, Live Below the Line is here to provide a platform that helps you do something about it.